The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem Champions Board is comprised of representatives from various stakeholder institutions and audiences across the area who champion the efforts of ecosystem. The champions board:

  • Shares the efforts of the ecosystem throughout their networks and organizations.
  • Provides guidance for the Ecosystem, including direction and desired outcomes and goals.
  • Represents the diversity of Ecosystem members including different types, sizes, and leadership levels.

Champions Board Members

  • Andy Bell, Thinkery, Chief Executive Officer
  • Albert Black, Child Inc, Executive Director
  • Joel Coffman, TyRex Group
  • Robert Friedman, The Permanent Legacy Foundation, Executive Director
  • Wendy Howell, Cisco Systems, Chief of Staff; Girls In Tech, Managing Director
  • Richard Tagle, Andy Roddick Foundation, CEO; Learn All the Time Network, Board Chair
  • Ingrid Weigand, Austin Science Education Foundation, Executive Director