Below is the current (September 2016) draft of the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem overview, vision and goals. Community input will help finalize the plan and it is expected that the Ecosystem will evolve over time.

The STEM Funders Network (SFN) announced in November 2015 that The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem is one of the 27 communities selected to pilot the national STEM Ecosystems Initiative. This project, built on over a decade of research into successful STEM collaborations seeks to nurture and scale effective science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities for all young people. The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem’s selection is a demonstration of the area’s existing progress in developing a strong STEM learning community and recognition of the commitment to continue this work.

About Us:

The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem will provide the architecture for cross-sector STEM learning to establish Central Texas as a leader in STEM workforce competitiveness in Texas and the United States.


The vision of the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem is that:

  • PK-16 learners have the opportunity to obtain the requisite STEM skills to enter competitive 21st century STEM jobs in Central Texas
  • All educators are provided the tools and support to ensure that students of all ages are STEM competent and STEM literate


The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem will:

  • Develop and engage an effective and sustainable network of academic, business and community partners who are interested in providing STEM opportunities for PK-16 learners throughout Central Texas.
  • Support excellence in formal and informal STEM education throughout Central Texas.
  • Incorporate an equity driven approach to promote awareness of, and access to, STEM pathways.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem.