The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from various stakeholder institutions and audiences across the area who provide core leadership for the collaborative. The steering committee:

  • Provides guidance for the Ecosystem, including direction and desired outcomes and goals.
  • Provides oversight to ensure fidelity to needs across the region and stakeholder organizations.
  • Represents the diversity of Ecosystem members including different types, sizes, and leadership levels.
  • Represents the Greater Austin area at regional events and National Community of Practice meetings.

Steering Committee Members

  • Tricia Berry, The University of Texas at Austin Women in Engineering Program, Director; Texas Girls Collaborative Project, Collaborative Lead; Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem Steering Committee, Lead
  • Kristin Bonds, heristic, Founder, Programs Advisor
  • Sonya Johnson, Child Inc.
  • Cathy Jones, Ph.D., Austin Partners In Education, Executive Director
  • Gabriel Krizin, ReVisionEd Inc, CEO & Co-Founder; Robotters, Festival Director
  • Tracy Mendez, Retired Xerox
  • Kobla Tetey, Break the Box, Founder/CEO
  • Michael Ward Jr., Austin Urban Technology Movement
  • Paul Williams, Austin Community College, Professor of Physics
  • Patrick Yonnone, Texas STARBASE Austin, Director

Tricia Berry is currently serving as lead of the Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem Steering Committee.