The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem is seeking support for the collaborative work of the initiative. See below for opportunities to support Networking Forums. Contact the Ecosystem at for ways your organization can support this important work in our community.

Greater Austin STEM Networking Forums

The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem regularly organizes STEM Networking Forums to bring together organizations and individuals in the region committed to informing and motivating students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Support the Ecosystem by funding the Forums and/or providing space to host the events.

Forums will typically have two components:

  • Networking and Information Sharing (1.5 hour): Connect with others in your area, explore collaborations, and share information to enhance your STEM efforts.
  • Mini-Workshop, Best Practice or Research Sharing (0.5 hour): Enhance program effectiveness and disseminate research and best practices across the state.

Space and Host Requirements

  • Networking open space and workshop seating space for up to 100 people
  • 4-6 tables for the sharing of materials by participants
  • LCD Projector and Screen for workshop or presentation
  • Snacks for the networking portion of the forum
  • Assistance with participant check-in
  • Assistance with invitations and reaching out to target audiences in host region

Hosts will be recognized as a Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem supporter and will be recognized on Forum marketing materials and throughout Ecosystem communications channels.

The Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem handles all registrations, confirmations, program materials, name tags, check-in materials, and post-event surveys.